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2014 Sketch by Obi-quiet 2014 Sketch :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 10 13
Anything But Normal Ch 19
The girl, Janet if Selim remembered correctly, seemed to be a walking history text on the Mahnion Hotel. The group had discovered this when Marlin had asked if Janet knew any history about their target. She did indeed and was more than happy to share with them. Unfortunately, it seemed that was all she knew about it.  
The actual building had been constructed over a century before and had stood as an elegant statement of New Optain’s general upper-class caliber, or that’s what the most recent owners had stated when they’d bought the old building more than two decades ago.  It had been a renovation project, one that had been rather successful as it had gone from a nearly-condemned building to a five-star hotel that tended to attract well-off customers…which was why it had been a target.  It hadn’t exactly been a hidden fact that many of the upper-class families who had evacuated to New Optain had taken rooms at the hotel.  No one had th
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 3 7
Anything But Normal ch 18
Now because it's been so long, here's a short summary:
Selim Baker is kidnapped after being accused of being a monster/homunculus by an organization that is little better than a rebellion. After being rescued by an alchemist named Mandy, he traipses about the country side trying to find answers to his questions about Homunculi and whether he can be one or be related to one. He finds his answers after a rash decision, spurred by the development of a creepy voice in his head that wants him to kill everyone around him, takes him to Xing where he meets the emperor, who recognizes him immediately. Selim gets sent back to Amestris, but on the way regains his memories of Pride, which battles to take president over his current life as Selim. He still has not resolved his conflict.
After a narrow escape, he finds himself confronting the Elrics, and as severely wounded as he is, he gives himself up. As he meets up with Mustang again (he was on the train back from Xing as an escort), he learns
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 2 8
Two Super Saiyans -- Commission by Obi-quiet Two Super Saiyans -- Commission :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 4 3 Hitsugaya and OC Steampunk Commission by Obi-quiet Hitsugaya and OC Steampunk Commission :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 15 17
Temporary Allies Ch 10 -- Answers
It was a glint of gold that brought Harry out of the void of unconsciousness. Not much, but it caught his attention and held it long enough to call Harry away from his comfortable slumber. Blinking his eyes open, he saw the blurry, gold-framed spectacles of the Headmaster hovering above him, encompassing two bright, blue eyes.
"Professor Dumbledore?" he asked, noting how his voice croaked with disuse. How long had he been out? Then something a bit more pressing came to mind. "Sir! You're alive! You...but I"
"Calm yourself, dear boy. I assure you that I feel quite well. I was able to cast a protective spell over myself after I did the same to you. Although it took me longer than I care to admit to dig my way out of the rather large shower of stone that had covered me."
Harry blinked at the man and relaxed ever so slightly, relief flooding over him. He hadn't wanted to see the man die. He hadn't wanted anyone to die...
His mouth suddenly went dry. "And Professor Quirrell...
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 5 2
Temporary Allies Ch 9 -- From the Snake's Mouth
He hadn't noticed that Quirrell's first spell had hit one of the pillars by the doorway, and apparently it had been rather over-powered as the entire wall was gone...and as such, the room's support with it.
Dumbledore seemed to notice this fact at the same time Harry did, because he stood and lunged towards his student, but Harry had already stopped in horror.  He heard the crumbling of stone, the grinding of disintegrating rock and saw the large chunks of what had been the wall and ceiling fall towards him.  Forgetting what lay behind him, he turned to run, trying to avoid the rubble now raining down around them. It was a seemingly impossible task, but he knew he had no other choice.  Then he heard the Headmaster yell something else and a filmy bubble rose around Harry.  He ran directly into the glossy wall of the dome with an 'oof' and practically bounced back and onto the rock-strewn ground.  
It took him a moment to shake off his daze and glance around at t
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 2 0
Temporary Allies Ch 8 -- Two-Faced
Harry frowned.  What was the mirror doing here?  Was that part of the protections?  Another road block perhaps?  Or was this the final obstacle?

“Petrificus Totalus!”
Quirrell yelled behind Harry, and he felt his hands and arms snap together.  The momentum caused him to fall backwards and land flat on his back, staring at the ceiling.  
Great, he thought as he noticed Quirrell stalk by him.  
The next several minutes consisted of little more than a terse silence and fairly intense anticipation that had Harry straining to hear.  Would Quirrell find the stone for Voldemort? Or would there be another room and test after this one? He didn't know and only the sound of shuffling feet from the general direction of the center of the room reached his ears.  He couldn't even turn his head.
After what he judged to be a frankly ridiculous amount of time, he began to grow impatient.  Not even the danger of the situation ov
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 3 7
How to Draw Aaron Elric by Obi-quiet How to Draw Aaron Elric :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 34 10
Temporary Allies ch 7 - Approach and Down
The end-of-year tests went rather well in Harry's opinion.  He felt he had passed each one with at least an 'Exceeds Expectation' and was feeling rather proud of himself.  He'd never been able to push himself academically before as the Dursleys would get upset (especially when he surpassed Dudley—which really wasn't that difficult to do), and while he didn't particularly love to study, he did feel a sense of accomplishment that he'd never really felt before.
Hermione, it seemed, was working overtime to get the rest of her homework done, and had insisted in a rather frazzled manner that Harry not stick around while she finished.  She was  bound and determined to get it all done by the end of the school year.  Frankly, Harry thought her rather barmy, but he wasn't stupid enough to say so.
He was heading towards the dungeon to drop off his bag before heading outside and into the warm weather.  Perhaps he'd stop by and visit Hagrid (who, thankfully, had not lost his
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 3 2
How To Draw Trisha Elric Jr. by Obi-quiet How To Draw Trisha Elric Jr. :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 28 15
Temporary Allies Chapter 6 - New Ally
Harry sighed as he walked into the hospital wing and saw a rather large lump shivering and shaking in one corner.  This was not going to be easy.  The rumor that Hagrid had been found with a dragon had rushed around the school like a wildfire in dry grass, getting more and more elaborate with each retelling.  Harry had already heard a dozen different tales ranging from something close to the truth (he'd hatched a baby dragon himself) all the way to him having wrestled a dragon and won only to bring it back to Hogwarts to protect the school.  
Harry had rolled his eyes at that one.
Then he'd heard that Hagrid had been taken to the hospital wing, and he'd come immediately.  
“Hagrid?” Harry asked cautiously as he stepped around the bed to the other side of the mass of blankets (Harry briefly wondered how they had a bed big enough, let alone one that could actually hold the large man, but dismissed it rather quickly—probably magic).
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 3 3
Temporary Allies Ch 5 - Secret and Concern
After Christmas he threw himself into his schoolwork with a fervor.  It gave him something else to focus on.  The weeks came and went in a sort of hazy blur, and Harry found himself to be more and more reclusive.  It didn’t bother him except when he heard the other Slytherins whispering behind his back.  It seemed that, just as Professor Snape had predicted, his popularity and status as “The Boy Who Lived” had worn thin.  They seemed to have all come to the conclusion that the reason he’d lived as a toddler was because he’d somehow been able to run away or hide.  The thought went beyond utterly ridiculous and tended to make Harry want to jinx them on a regular basis.  Problem was, he didn’t know any decent jinxes.  Or hexes even.  So he took to haunting the library in between classes.  
No one seemed to notice the book he’d taken from the library had gone missing, so at night, when
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 1 1
Cold and Dark ch 2
“The Frost Prince?” One of the older children asked.  They hadn’t heard that one before.
“It all started on a cold night, just barely warming for spring when a child of the winter had just finished a day of bringing happiness and fun to the children.”
“Happiness and fun?  In the winter?” the child asked.  “How could he do that?”
The gray-eyed lady smiled again, acknowledging his question.  “He brought the snow.  You see, my dear ones, the Frost Prince consisted of cold. Everything in the world that you can think of.”
“Like ice sickles?” one child asked.  
“Yes,” the gray-eyed lady said, her smile encouraging and kind.  “He was made of all of that and more. His very essence, his soul, consisted of the very first frost of each winter.”
Cold doesn’t do anything to me.  It took me…well, longer than I can really guess to realize
:iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 5 6
Backwards Hat by Obi-quiet Backwards Hat :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 3 5 Girl in a Chemise by Obi-quiet Girl in a Chemise :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 4 5

Random Favourites

Jack Frost by Desaturateful Jack Frost :icondesaturateful:Desaturateful 423 27 Tree of the Sky by Risachantag Tree of the Sky :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 1,034 23 Foster Parents by Risachantag Foster Parents :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 1,016 46
Clone Wars: Broadcast
It was easy credits, and Deen Syla knew it. Better yet, it was a government job.  On the short airtaxi ride to her workplace, Deen thought back on how she had been so lucky. She had been approached by a Republic Broadcasting Division rep less than a month ago, and had been offered a great paying job at a tight-band broadcasting station located not half a quadrant from her residence. She looked out as the city whizzed past her; life as she knew it had taken a lucky step down easy street.
Once a day, for an hour each morning, she sat and talked about the Senate meetings, scores for Chin-Bret matches, and other assorted tidbits, then would grab her paychip and run to the bank. Her life hadn’t been bad before—better than most female Twi’leks, but it wasn’t nearly as easy as this. As the taxi came to a stop in front of the large transmission building, Deen was snapped out of her reverie and paid the Dug driver.
“Who you broadcath-ting to, if you don’t
:iconriptor25:Riptor25 8 32
BLEACH:Hichigo 30012013 by sylwiaiiwo BLEACH:Hichigo 30012013 :iconsylwiaiiwo:sylwiaiiwo 597 92 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BYAKUYA! by Mikkie33 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BYAKUYA! :iconmikkie33:Mikkie33 227 19 His White Night by NanFe His White Night :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,128 39 Jack Frost n Danny Phantom: IT NEVER DID HAPPEN p2 by chillydragon Jack Frost n Danny Phantom: IT NEVER DID HAPPEN p2 :iconchillydragon:chillydragon 208 92 Edward speed draw by Teckito Edward speed draw :iconteckito:Teckito 70 14 Dark Mousy by kagekabuki Dark Mousy :iconkagekabuki:kagekabuki 59 37 Fullmetal Alchemist by phoeni-x-man Fullmetal Alchemist :iconphoeni-x-man:phoeni-x-man 2,284 89 Late at Night... by AwkwardApartment Late at Night... :iconawkwardapartment:AwkwardApartment 160 8 Shadow Jack and Jack Frost by SquChan Shadow Jack and Jack Frost :iconsquchan:SquChan 2,614 107 Cosplay Friends! by xHee-Heex Cosplay Friends! :iconxhee-heex:xHee-Heex 124 19 missed by bresych missed :iconbresych:bresych 256 59 411 by GrayInBlack 411 :icongrayinblack:GrayInBlack 200 65


Okay, I'm going to go through each of the categories one by one. Vision: Ah, Dr. Horrible. I love how you've put in the dank, dark room...

by cordria

Woah, Cori this looks FABULOUS. I don't think I'll go into the different categories and tell you why I rated each one, but I will tell ...

Activity…… if the first one doesn't work. Please spread this around and let's see if we can't get her wish fulfilled. :D

I know I haven't been on much lately, due mainly to stress and some rather nasty/severe health problems, but that should change again here soon.

Thanks to everyone who still watches me!


United States
Favourite genre of music: all besides Rap and Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: any
Wallpaper of choice: Depends on my mood
Favourite cartoon character: Hmmm...Toss up between Danny Phantom, Megumi (from Special A) and Shirosaki (Ichigo's Hollow)
Personal Quote: Consider yourselves lucky that you have Obi-quiet to abuse, for no sane woman would tolerate it!



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